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On the 4th of July we hear a lot about ‘Independence’. When it comes to sunglasses, independence may be our strongest suit. Sure we sell great looking, high quality polarized sunglasses @ reasonable, direct-to-consumer prices. We’re also an independent small business selling more sunglasses than ever before for $65 a pair.

Essilor of France merged with the Luxottica Group of Italy in a $49 billion deal that created the world’s largest eyewear company. The combined company, EssilorLuxottica, has 140,000 employees in 150 countries & $16 billion in sales.

They own LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, all the Sunglass Hut stores plus vision insurance companies. They also own brand names Ray-Ban, Oakley, Costa, Arnette, Foster Grant, Oliver Peoples, Persol & others. With size comes pricing power, the power to keep them high; often $150 to $350.

So we’re celebrating our independence and still laughing at Adam Conover’s hysterical take on the situation;

Winter is Coming, Don’t Put Away the Sailing Sunglasses Yet!

At Ocean Racing we want you to know that we feel what you are going through this time of year. You may have pulled your boat out of the water and placed it in storage. You may have even used one of those creepy shrink wrap systems, the only good thing about those shrink wrap [...]

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Polarizing Winter

The best part about the impending winter is the opportunity to fill the freezer with all kinds of fish. Fishing, like sailing, is the essence of life. Think about it, the first person who caught a fish was probably pretty freaked out and threw it in the fire out of fear. Realizing how tasty this [...]

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Maritime Legends

The Greeks were sailors back in ancient times and their heritage is celebrated today. As sailors, we honor Odysseus and his journey back home. We view our Ithaca through performance sunglasses. We are in the Sailors are sentimental about home; at the same time longing for the open ocean. When we are locked into the [...]

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Here There Be Monsters

If you have ever caught a really, (I mean really), large fish, it is more than likely that you will never forget that experience for the rest of your life. People spend their entire lives chasing the monsters of the deep. Like a junky they will spend thousands chasing what they believe to be the [...]

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The Good Work

It may be winter in Australia but here in good old USA it is the blazing cataract of summer. The first thing that comes to mind are those guys who work in the sun all day, and we all say, “I am glad that is not me.” The poor fellas that wear long sleeves, hardhats [...]

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The Privateers and the Olympians

The Summer Olympics are upon us and in just over a week the greatest sailors in the world will be converging on Rio. They will be chasing gold in the ultimate global stage. The beauty of Rio de Janeiro is the backdrop for what is sure to be a breathtaking experience. Insane competition among the [...]

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Origins of the Stoke

The wind will come up, says the weather forecast--the models these day can usually be trusted. The anticipation is nearly palpable, you can't wait to grab your board, rig up the sail, and blast some waves. Windsurfing is life, it is what you dream, the perfect plane on day with light chop. The downside of [...]

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Sun Protection

The life we lead is a good one; the water can be an amazing thing to be a part of, as if your veins were part of the sea. For people who live on the water like we do, it’s essential that the proper protective gear is used at all times. Of course, this new [...]

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The Cruel Mistress

A collective is commonly thought of as a group that is moving towards a common goal. As sailing aficionados, we are the ocean collective. We put on our sailing sunglasses and stare into the rising sun, embracing the day. It takes a special person that has devoted themselves to the unbelievable task of mastering the [...]

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