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Origins of the Stoke

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The wind will come up, says the weather forecast--the models these day can usually be trusted. The anticipation is nearly palpable, you can't wait to grab your board, rig up the sail, and blast some waves. Windsurfing is life, it is what you dream, the perfect plane on day with light chop. The downside of windsurfing? Work. Thats right, the bane of every enthusiast is the daily grind; unless of course you are as lucky as us at Ocean Racing. We serve the windsurfing and sailing community with the finest watersports sunglasses available. In fact we received an amazing letter from someone who may be slightly more than an enthusiast--or crazy, we're not sure which.

Dear Ocean Racing,

My name is Ted and I have been a windsurfer for more than twenty years. I have recently discovered the origins of windsurfing and I thought you would enjoy hearing about it.

Early last year, I took a trip to Alaska in order to harness the power of the northern lights. It was late at night and I was camped next to a secret military installation (I can’t tell you where it was because the government is reading my mail). So, all of a sudden there was a rumbling and a bright light, my tent began to shake with a violent wind. I was terrified and unzipped the door--a beam of light hit me in the face and I lost consciousness.

Crazy right? Well that is not the best part. When I awoke I had a bit of a hard time focusing and my ears were ringing. To my surprise, sitting on my pillow was a small statue of an alien and he was windsurfing. Aliens invented windsurfing.

P.S. I totally dig your sunglasses!

I love you,


Um… thanks Ted and stay out of the sun buddy!  

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