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It may be winter in Australia but here in good old USA it is the blazing cataract of summer. The first thing that comes to mind are those guys who work in the sun all day, and we all say, “I am glad that is not me.” The poor fellas that wear long sleeves, hardhats and work pants in brutal heat are a breed of their own. I mean someone should at least invent a pair of steel-toed flip-flops. That is where people like us have the advantage, not all of us may work on the water but we spend every moment we can in sailing sunglasses and boardshorts. That being said, there are a ton of awesome jobs that are performed on, in or under the water.


They study water. You study the water when in your boat only they get paid to do it, like a lot. The downside, it is difficult to obtain a degree unless you are pretty solid at math. Ugh.


This one is a no brainer, lots of us who have grown up in or around the water have held a job as a lifeguard at some point. The trick would be to make it a career, spending hours watching over the minions on the beach and flexing your biceps, oh and saving people too.


This one would be incredible if you are a lover of the deep. Salvage companies hire divers for all sorts of tasks and it is a pretty cool job for the resume. What about an underwater demolition expert? Diving does not necessarily need to involve finding treasure or things like underwater demolition. Cleaning the bottom of boats in the marina is a much sought after service that can be lucrative and not very difficult to get into.


Now I know what you are thinking, but being a fisherman is tough. We all have seen the boats come and go at the most unorthodox hours, watching the catch unloaded on the dock. The fisherman’s code is one of freedom and independance. The sea makes their hours and they are connected to it with more than a job. It is a lifestyle, that of a fisherman. Sometimes the hardest jobs bring the least amount of glory but an incredible sense of satisfaction.


We all eat fish from the store when we can't get the fresh stuff, and unless you buy it from a specialized market, the fish is sometimes farmed. The aquaculture industry is huge for providing fresh fish to the U.S. and the world. As an aquaculturist you are in the same category as the farmers all over the country. Fish is cared for and nurtured into quality, sustainable seafood for people everywhere. You could even wear a cowboy hat with your performance sunglasses from Ocean Racing, I mean that’s what farmers do, right?

Ship Captain

If you are already a sailor, you get it; being the captain of a ship is comparable to being a floating CEO. What better way to assert your maritime expertise than a trip around the Horn of Africa? Many ship captains are employed by transport companies or even tour companies. How cool would it be to spend a year on a cruise ship?

Regardless of your job, life on the water is preferable to being stuck in an office everyday. So embrace every glorious sunset from the bow of your sailboat, take note of the silver in that bonefish you landed last year, and rejoice in the knowledge that there are people stuck in an office somewhere, their only outlet to the sea, a snow globe filled with palmtrees. Ocean Racing: We get you.  

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