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Sun Protection

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The life we lead is a good one; the water can be an amazing thing to be a part of, as if your veins were part of the sea. For people who live on the water like we do, it’s essential that the proper protective gear is used at all times. Of course, this new way of thinking about protective gear is not necessarily embraced by all.

Not to say that sailing is safe by any means, but one of the greatest dangers comes not from the unpredictability of the weather or the physicality that defines sailing. This killer is silent and will strike when it is least expected, it can take years for the effects to be discovered. Not a danger of the deep but a peril from the sky, the sun is a killer and should be treated with respect. All the more reason to wear your sailing sunglasses.

Sun Dangers

The reality of skin cancer for those who spend a lot of time in the elements is something that must be considered and precautions should be taken. Simply staying out of the sun is not an option for many sailors, and frankly, would not be enjoyable. Staying out of the sun is not an option but that means you need to use protective measures. Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is sunscreen. Gone are the days when sunscreen was simply zinc oxide slathered on the nose. Modern sunscreens are incredibly sophisticated and fairly effective. That being said, it is common that sunscreen is used wrong and is rendered ineffective.

It is said that a family of four should be using at least one whole large bottle of sunscreen in an 8 hour trip to the beach. That’s right, how often have you kept the same bottle of sunscreen for many summers? The important thing about using sunscreen is to get one with an effective SPF, or sun protection factor. SPF has many different meanings depending on which country you are in or which brand you choose. The standardization is pretty accurate but, if sunscreen is not applied with the consistency, with which it should be, it will not be effective.

The dangers of skin cancer are well documented and sunscreen is only one way to get skin protection. As with all sun protection techniques, it is the ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun that must be blocked from the skin. The ultraviolet radiation ios why your skin is damaged when you get a sunburn. A newer form of sun protection is SPF clothing, in which the fabric of these garments will actually protect your skin from the sun. Keep in mind that a regular white t-shirt offers only about an SPF of about 7 and even less when wet. The benefits of wearing SPF clothing is in its versatility, no need to apply any sunscreen and still protect your skin!

At Ocean Racing, we believe that your eyes are your most important asset and must be protected with a good pair of sailing-specific sunglasses when on the water. We make some of the best eye protection for watersports and sailing. Doctors agree that protecting your eyes is of utmost importance. Shop Ocean Racing for your polarized sailing sunglasses and protect you eyes. Remember when on the water to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. You will thank yourself for it later, with reduced wrinkles, healthy skin, and a reduced chance of developing skin cancer. So take the extra time to plan a healthy way to care for your skin and get out on the water.  

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