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Polarizing Winter

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The best part about the impending winter is the opportunity to fill the freezer with all kinds of fish. Fishing, like sailing, is the essence of life. Think about it, the first person who caught a fish was probably pretty freaked out and threw it in the fire out of fear. Realizing how tasty this fish was it began an instinct that still is with us today, fishing is ingrained in our DNA. At Ocean Racing we get it. We make the finest sailing sunglasses available; but what you may or may not know is, that the same technology we employ in our sunglasses for sailing makes them amazing for fishing. Fishing with Ocean Racing sailing sunglasses is almost cheating. The same characteristics that we value as sailors make them ideal for fishing.


The main feature is our standard polarization. Contrary to popular belief, polarization is not simply the state of the current U.S. political climate, but a special filter built into the lens of the sunglasses. This filter is able to block the glare off of the waters surface, meaning you can read the water better and actually see the fish under the water. How much easier can we make it for you? Get out there and fill up that freezer with fish!

It’s Not That Easy Bro...

Ok so maybe it isn't that easy, the act of seeing fish is only an exercise in futility as most of the time, the one fish that you can see will not respond to anything that you throw at it. The easiest way to catch enough fish to last through the winter is to start early. Get up with the sun and hope for the best. Sure, fancy fishing equipment matters but the equipment that matters is the stuff that works. Like our sailing sunglasses, they cut the glare, they look cool and they just flat-out work. Check out our selection today and see the difference our sailing sunglasses make. 

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