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The Cruel Mistress

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A collective is commonly thought of as a group that is moving towards a common goal. As sailing aficionados, we are the ocean collective. We put on our sailing sunglasses and stare into the rising sun, embracing the day. It takes a special person that has devoted themselves to the unbelievable task of mastering the waves, the wind and the extreme unpredictability of the mother ocean. It is said that the sea is a cruel mistress, where that anecdote was actually recorded is of much debate. It is more than likely the product of our tribe of sailors, the great tradition of relaying stories through the spoken word. It makes you wonder how many of the greatest stories ever told, now belong to the deep.

Heros of the Deep

Stories of heroes long forgotten, villains and thieves, lovers and killers all are written in the great lost narrative of the sea. We sail with passion and accept that the unknown is only a rouge wave away. The sea can give you everything that you need and it can destroy everything that you have; why do we pursue the dangers that pervade sailing, the vehicles of the sea are by nature struggling with every forward motion, as sailors we fight to keep the ship in the wind?

Ocean Racing is the company who knows how sailors think. We are sailors and we know how the ocean will grab ahold of your soul and become impossible to shake. We offer the finest sailing specific sunglasses, apparel and accessories. Show your love of the cruel mistress with a pair of Ocean Racing sunglasses. On the water, all becomes clear.  

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