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A Pirate's Life

The rocks that lie on the bottom of the ocean are said to contain a certain amount of the beginnings of our planet. I really don’t know much about that but it sounds pretty cool. It’s like we share the same water with vikings and pirates. I mean, who hasn't looked into the ocean and [...]

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Not Particularly Normal

The thing that sets us apart from “normal” human beings is our ability to read the ocean and make judgements based on those assessments. It is not an insult to think of a sailor as not normal, it is a compliment. We read clouds like translating a classical adventure novel, interpreting them into something that [...]

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Legends of the Sea

We have talked about ancient mariners and the legacy that the ocean holds for sailors like us. Sailing for pleasure or sailing for a purpose, it is all the same. The boats are as different as snowflakes and the sailors as diverse as those on the subways in New York City. The thing that is [...]

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The Ocean's Call

The call of the ocean is something that all of us know well. The early morning mist rising around the dock. The smell of two-stroke in the marina. It all brings to mind a gorgeous day on the water. You wait all week to have the weekend to explore. This is true whether you live [...]

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Fishing Is Life, Sailing Is Life

We have talked a lot about sailing and why not? Sailing is the reason that we offer our incredible selection of sailing specific sunglasses. All sailors, however, seem to have a pull towards fishing, and why wouldn't they? Aside from sailing, fishing is the ultimate in watersports.On the FlyFishing comes in many different styles, intensity [...]

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Love of the Water

At Ocean Racing, we are proud of our heritage on the water. For years we have lived in the shadow of the great mariners that are our inspiration and we touched on this briefly in our welcome blog. What does it really mean to be a sailor (besides, of course, our performance sailing sunglasses)?The Legacy [...]

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Welcome to Ocean Racing

The ocean is calling and we are here to get you ready for it. Life on the water is one that many, many people live and breathe every day. It is not only those who value the ocean for recreation, it is also those who make their living on the water. The fisherman in a [...]

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The economy’s still shaky and winter has overstayed it’s welcome. Warm, sunny days are coming however and we’ve got new styles for spring, the sunglasses men and women sailors need.Our value proposition for 2016 remains the same; STYLE, QUALITY & VALUE.ELIMINATE GLARE - Our polarized lenses block 100% of reflected glare off water, sails or snow. They’re like [...]

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