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Here There Be Monsters

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If you have ever caught a really, (I mean really), large fish, it is more than likely that you will never forget that experience for the rest of your life. People spend their entire lives chasing the monsters of the deep. Like a junky they will spend thousands chasing what they believe to be the perfect thrill. A fish on the line, the brutal hit to the lure, the beast sounding with violent shakes that only something truly wild can deliver. It is primal, ancient and a test between you and the ocean. The fish are merely ambassadors of the sea but their veins run with the same saltwater derived blood that ours does. We are the interlopers in sailing sunglasses, laying siege on their turf in the battle for supremacy of the waves. More often than not, they beat us, easily shaking off our best efforts to remove them from the depths. We see them, we study them and when we can, we hang them on our wall for others to admire.

They have their revenge with the millions spent by us every year to chase them, the big fish. The oceans are vast and a watery wilderness; filled with danger, they are inhospitable to us humans. The fish have the advantage, gills instead of lungs and animalistic ambivalence to us above. We chase them, they float by and would never offer a hand if we were drowning. The beasts of the deep are many, so many in fact, that every so often we see something we have never seen before. The freakish creatures that patrol the depths, eating sunken whales and colorless crabs in the black. Those that we seek, however, are displayed proudly in restaurants, living rooms and corner offices everywhere. They all have names but it is not for the names that we chase them it is for their power, speed, grace and elusiveness.

The Blue Marlin

The name alone invokes an almost mythical quality among some of the saltier anglers among us. Producing an almost glazed, blank expression of emotions that cannot be forgotten. If you have ever caught this king of the game fish, you would remember a sensation similar to pedaling a bicycle fifty miles, with your hands. The potential hours of excruciatingly physical work for a hasty release and a picture in an album. Marlin get into your head and have a tendency to live there months, even years after the catch. The cravings will begin to eat at you, eventually calling you back.

The Tarpon

The silver backed beast of the tropics has caused many an angler to drop everything and return from colder climes. The delicate presentation of a fly is the ultimate challenge for the waders and buggy whips set. Make no mistake, the behemoth will pull out line like you hooked a seaplane, only to jump spectacularly, shaking the fly and disappearing. Tarpon are the perfect game fish, big, powerful and equipped with a bony plate in their mouths that makes hooking them a challenge.


The Yellowfin is sought as hard as any by commercial as well as recreational anglers. The meat is as velvety as kobe beef and has a delightful flavor but the fish itself is a monster. Known as Kihada in Japan and much prized for its flesh, it is the fish we associate with the golden age of celebrity angling when the seas were patrolled by the likes of Zane Grey and Hemingway.

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